Can you dance?

Did you know that you can put two year old kids in dance class?  Neither did I.  We signed Lily up because she loves to dance so much.  Well, I guess most of the time it is more just running in circles… but it is still adorable.  Before the first class we had to get all of her equipment and whatnot.  She was a little apprehensive to begin with.

After we got home, we had to try out her new outfit!  She loved it!

And then we tried on the tap shoes….




Christmas in July

This is a little bit late, but we have been a little preoccupied as of late.  Let’s jump into the wayback machine and revisit July 18th of this year.

Summer in Texas means it is about as hot as it can get.  The sun shines as bright and hot as it possible can and it makes it horrible for fair skinned Canadians that are 9 months pregnant and as big as a house.

I kid, I kid.  I think she is the most precious and beautiful pregnant woman I ever met!  I think I also matched Lindsay’s weight gain pound for pound this pregnancy, which is very unfortunate.  The only benefit is that we didn’t capture any photographic evidence of myself, so you will just have to trust me.  She was perfectly round with a content baby Jack just relaxing.  I am sure her smile was forced, because Lindsay always complained about being uncomfortable and ready to go.  Just a day or two before this picture we had a check-up and were informed it looked as though Jack was going to keep on cooking through August 1st.

Boy were they off.  Lindsay had that motherly intuition that something was about to go down and woke up bright and early at 4:00 in the morning and called her mom to come down.  Kimmie showed up bright eyed and bushy tailed about 10 hours later.  We spent the evening playing with Lily, reminiscing, and placing wagers on when Jack would show up.

Fast forward to the following morning (we are on the 19th now for anyone not keeping track very well).  I had been working from home and taking some PTO to help Lindsay around the house with the wee Miss Lily, but with Kimmie in town I figured I could sneak in to work for a couple of hours.  Lindsay announces that she is having some contractions…  She isn’t sure if they are legit or not – they aren’t quite regular, and they aren’t that strong, so I am not allowed to leave.  I head off to my office to jump on some conference calls and try to navigate through the murky swamp I call work.

Kimmie runs out to get some lunch for Lindsay, and it is pretty apparent that something is in the works.  Contractions are getting more and more regular and Lindsay is appearing to actually start to notice the contractions.  Kimmie had been gone for a while and Lindsay was getting more and more hungry (which translates to irritability in pregnant women).  Confession time…

“Lindsay, I think I may have made a mistake…”

She instantly looked up, while squinting through a contraction, “What did YOU do?”

“I may have mentioned to Kimmie that an iced coffee or latte sounded delicious.”

Oh yeah, that’s the look in her eyes.  I know that is nothing good and it is tunneled straight towards me.  This isn’t going to be very pleasant.  She collected her thoughts for just a moment, regained her composure and exclaimed, “Let me get this straight.  I am in labor.  I haven’t eaten anything yet today.  I am starving.  All I want right now is food, and you send MY mother off to find you a fancy drink?!?”

“Well, I kind of thought she could get one from Chipotle where she is getting your burrito.”

“Why would Chipotle have any,” she paused here and bent over in pain…  Obviously a contraction.  Wow – these are getting close. “Why would Chipotle have any of those drinks?”

It was right about this time that the garage door opened up and Kimmie appeared with a decadent Chipotle burrito, and a refreshing latte from Starbucks.  She immediately blurts out, “Sorry it took so long, I got totally turned around trying to find the Starbucks…” Her voice trailed off as Lindsay’s glare pierced my soul like a thousand tiny shards of glass.

After the smoke cleared and lunch it is pretty clear that it is now baby time.  Well I guess it was perfectly clear to Lindsay much earlier in the day, but it took me a bit to wrap my head around it.  We got checked in to the hospital at 2:05 PM.  Several hours, a couple of creative curse words, and some painful reminders of my earlier mishap, it is pretty obvious that Jack is but moments from joining us.  The nurses page the doctor and ask Lindsay to hold off for just 5 minutes so the doctor can arrive.  Nope.  Didn’t happen.  Jack was too excited and Lindsay was ready.  The nurse handled the delivery perfectly (literally 1 push) and the doc arrived the moment Jack started crying.  Everyone was healthy and everything was normal.  Jack was born at 5:36 PM weighing 7 lbs 8 oz and 19 inches long.  Next thing I know the nurses are dipping his feet in ink and stamping them on my shirt.  Turned out pretty well in my opinion!

Not sure what is going on with my red eyes there…  I must have gotten something in them.  All the staff cleared out and it was first new family member picture time.

After such a stressful, exciting, and joyous morning it was time for a snuggle

and then a nap.

We spent the next couple of days in the hospital, and it went pretty well.  Jack was healthy, Lindsay was healing.  The staff was great.  Kimmie brought Lily out to meet Jack and the first introduction went well.  In reality Lily didn’t really have any preference one way or the other.  She was more interested in the slapping her shoes made on the floor than the fact she had a baby brother.  Our final night they even gave us what they call a “Celebration Dinner.”  I know some of the people that follow this blog are Canadian… so this might help explain the excess cost of healthcare in the US.  Behold, my celebration dinner – provided by the hospital and billed directly to my insurance.

Since you presumably stuck around this long and actually read through this…  Meet Jack.
And… Naptime.
That’s it for now!

Hide & Seek

Recently I have found myself spending more time at home and less time at work.  To fill the void I have had to invent new and exciting games to entertain Lily while Lindsay is seeing to other tasks ( yeah, yeah, we will get something up shortly).  It would appear that one of her favorite activites is now hide & seek.  I guess it is just actually the seek part that she enjoys.  She tries to hide, but she isn’t really good at it.  She can’t really ever come up with her own hiding spots and instead just copies the spot I hid in previously, so it isn’t a very decent battle of wits at this point.

After a couple of hour long sessions of “Seek” I decided to throw together a little compilation for your enjoyment.

Just so no one thinks I am cruel and I get to be the one that hides every time, she does get to hide sometimes.  She just isn’t very good at it.  Here is her best attempt, but the giggling gave it away very quickly.

Here is another of her favorite hiding spots.

Stop back soon, things around here are likely to spice up for a bit.



Duck City

So I know that this blog has mostly been about Lily and sporadically the rest of my family, but I feel like I need to divert what small influence I have to a worthy cause.

Recently I was made aware of this indie movie that will be coming out soon.  I have heard some raving about it in some murkier corners of the Internet, but all in all I haven’t anticipated anything in my life more than this movie.  I just thought I should do my part to try and get a little bit of word out there and support some of these independant filmmakers, cast, and crew.

Without further ado, I present to you the official trailer for “Duck City.” I hope you enjoy!



Elmo is a big deal.

Not sure how it happened, but Elmo turned out to be a pretty big deal in our household.  Lily has never seen an entire episode of Sesame Street,  we don’t plop her down in front of the TV, and it is rarely on when she is awake anyway.  Not sure how it got started, but we are without a doubt an Elmo family.  I think it might have something to do with this video, which was likely her first introduction to Elmo and she used to watch on repeat.

As of when I am writing this the video has 44,801,682 views.  When we first found it for Lily it only had 17.  I have to presume the rest are all from her.  We typically give her our phones when we are in the car so she can look at pictures… but she has figured out how to navigate away from the pictures and can now launch youtube and play her favorite Elmo videos.  She is getting so good with the iPhone we ended up buying the “Elmo Calls” app which simulates video chatting with Elmo.  It pretty much rocks her socks right off.

When Elmo isn’t calling her on the phone, or singing about his ducks he finds time to have a snack with Miss Lily.  Sometimes he even wants a nice smoothie from Fat Straw.


Other times, he is just in the mood for some good old fashioned Rice Chex and raisins.  Either way Lily is more than happy to share.

There are times when Elmo needs to have a bath himself or is just off relaxing on Sesame Street (aka lost).  To console her through those times we are able to either utilize a different one of 3 Elmo’s that Lily has or we will stick her in some Elmo PJs.

I would like to point out that we do know that she looks a bit boyish, but sometimes you just have to go for what the kid wants. I guess we do have one girly ‘elmofit.’ She likes to wear it while she imitates the newest trick that her dad taught her.  This is actually a screen capture of a video chat while I was at work, which is why you see me muggin in the corner.  To be honest I am not sure if I ‘taught’ her this or she just learned from watching me…  Either way Lily’s mother was not very happy about it.

Every time we go to the park (or the grocery store, or the gas station, or out to eat, or anywhere really) she is sure to bring her friend along.  Here are Lily and Dad pretending to drive Elmo to school.

Don’t worry, he was there. It was just that Lily made the rules, so Elmo had to ride in the back of the bus.

Is it safe to say she is obsessed?