Lily’s First Play Date

Now that Lily is right at 7 weeks we decided if she was going to end up with superior social skills like her parents, now would be the appropriate time to begin introducing her to her peers to begin the development.  One of Lindsay’s long lost friends from high school just recently had a baby girl (just 5 days after Lily) so we thought that she might be a good match for Lily’s first friend.  Lindsay took care of setting everything up via the wonders of Facebook and suddenly the day had arrived.

Lindsay had told Lily all about her new friend coming to visit and all the fun things they were going to be able to do.  After the conversation it seemed Lily got herself so worked up and excited all she could do was nap.  She napped, and she did it well.  She managed to actually nap through almost the entire visit with her new friend.

There was a brief moment towards the end of the visit where Lily did wake up.  In this moment of clarity she looked over at Caroline and threw her hands into the air in excitement at seeing another baby.

The excitement was fleeting, and didn’t last very long.  Within seconds Lily had decided she wanted the outfit that Caroline was wearing and tried to take right of her shoulder.

I guess maybe we should work on sharing…


Shhh…J’s at work!

So for those of you who don’t know J has slept with a fan in his face since he was little. The fan literally drowns out any sounds around us and J goes into a sleep coma when the fan goes on! Since J has gone back to work I have taken on all the night feeding’s with Lily. However after a week of getting up every two hours and seeing that J was getting over eight hours of perfect sleep I decided something had to change.

Exhibit A: J’s nightstand before Lily. Notice the big fan and grown up reading material.

Exhibit B: J’s nightstand after Lily. Notice the fan has been downgraded so J can’t sleep through Lily’s cries in the night! Notice the baby monitor and new reading material!

Exhibit C: Baby Lily.

The first night of these changes J came stumbling in our room at 3am after he had found his old fan. After I gently informed him that the fan was not allowed back in our room because it drowns out the cries of our baby he returned the fan to its new spot and sulked for the rest of the night!

Sometimes I think J uses “selective hearing” where he only hears things he wants to. So if I ask him to change Lily at night he sleeps through that, but if I say “Let’s go to Taco Bell” across the house he magically can hear that!

All in all I think the bedside table has been upgraded! Don’t feel too bad for him-he still gets lots of sleep at night and has gotten used to his “baby” fan!


BBQ, Brother, & Baby

It took a while, but my brother was finally able to schedule another visit to KC.  He came down for our wedding, but hasn’t been back since.  I had been looking forward to it for a while since he is usually hiding out somewhere in the Pacific Northwest and we don’t get to spend much time with him outside of Christmas and the typical family holidays.  He arrived last Sunday in the middle of a good old fashioned KC heat wave.  Since the heat was so oppressive we weren’t able to participate in many outdoor adventures, but there was a fair amount of hanging out that was done.  Most importantly Joel got a chance to meet (and hold) Lily.

He hadn’t held a baby before and I think he was just a little bit nervous, but he did an excellent job. Lily however was not pleased. About 2 minutes in she started fussing and asking for a little bit of supper (which I think scared Joel a little bit). After a little bit of dinner and a movie or two Lily decided to make peace with Uncle Joel and as an offering he let her borrow his favorite hat, which she absolutely adored.

The next day I only had one goal. Get Joel some of Kansas City’s tastiest BBQ. I have eaten at many restaurants in my life, and enjoyed many delicious meals, but nothing compares to the sweet and spicy barbecue that is prepared inside of a run down gas station on the corner of 47th and Mission Rd. Oklahoma Joe’s, the best BBQ by far, and quite possible the best food I have ever eaten. People that are not from the area, or who are unaware of the legend don’t really understand what it means that the restaurant is inside of the gas station. The gas station and restaurant are the same door. You can fill up your tank and fill up your stomach at the same location. My mouth is watering as I am writing this.

Let me tell you, it was tasty delicious. We split a sandwich and a full slab of ribs. Got some fries and slaw for Miss Lindsay (can’t believe she is still a vegetarian), and it was a well rounded meal. In the end it turned out our eyes were larger than our appetites, which worked out well. The next morning I whipped up some of my famous eggs and threw in some of the left over ribs (deboned of course). Drizzled a little bit of the “Cowtown Night of the Living BBQ Sauce” right over the top and I discovered my new favorite breakfast.

After the mid morning food coma subsided we just hung out around the house, Joel got his Jeep all packed up and Lily requested one more quick hold. Zooka managed to stick her nose right in the middle of things.

While he had to get back on the road to finish his cross country tour he allowed us a couple of extra minutes for a nice group shot.

It was a great time, thanks for coming to visit Uncle Joel!


I <3 Mail

Just this past weekend I had a conversation with my brother about how much I enjoyed getting mail. He summarized that he wasn’t particularly fond of the mail since he mostly received bills. After some discussion we decided my mail was a lot more entertaining than his. My typical mail isn’t quite as fun as what I discovered today, but you get the idea. Hint: Click on the picture to make it larger!

Enclosed was this beauty.

This picture is pretty old.  This is even before Lindsay was around…  I can tell from the haircut, she would never let my hair become so unruly…

To respond to your points Mr. Gray, I have these things to say

  • Although I moved out of that “shitty” apartment, we did have a built in pony-keg fridge, so it couldn’t have been that bad.
  • As hinted at above, Lindsay made me cut my hair otherwise it would be all wrapped up in a doo-rag right now.
  • I still enjoy ramen.
  • No comment.
  • I still hate dishes.

My roommates say “Hello” right back.  Actually I guess Lindsay is the only one talking, Lily cooed and Toba barked.




The case of the missing cookies…

The other day I came home from work and couldn’t find my baby.  She was missing.  So was Lindsay.  Initially I was wrought with fear that something terrible had happened.  As I glanced in the kitchen I noticed that there was something missing… the corn flake cookie bars were nowhere to be seen.  After a little more searching I had all the evidence I needed.  Caught red handed (or was it chocalote handed) in the cookie jar.

It was hard to be mad at her for something that still made her so damn cute, but I knew some parenting was in order.  I cleaned up the mess and returned to unleash my wrath but I couldn’t do anything but smile as she tried so hard to fake being asleep.

Maybe it was just the shirt, but I couldn’t do anything at all.  I bounce her and jostled her so she would wake up so I could have a stearn conversation about eating the last of my cookies, but all she was interested in was a quick bowel movement.

And with that I guess it was time for Lily and her co-conspirator to go to bed.